I am a student, teacher, artist, writer, explorer, wanderer, wonderer living in the San Francisco Bay Area watershed. In 1988 I read Annie Dillard’s book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek which opened my eyes to the fascination with the world around me.  Since moving West from Rochester, NY in 1993 I have been a landscape painter and photographer, drawing inspiration and ideas from LANDscape. Studies at Western Washington University for Masters in Art Education in 1996, then Literature in 1998, framed my focus for creative expression. My life was transformed by a visit from slam poet Marshall Davis Jones in January 2015. I wrote my first slam poem – Sky High – and the creative expression of that perspective has framed my exploration of life looking up. The cover photo on my blog was taken in September 2015 – I was unloading groceries from my car late one afternoon, overwhelmed by the demands of selling our house in Santa Clara. As I turned to grab the last bag I looked up and saw this sunset show directly across the street. I was so hurried and harried that I almost turned away. Color and light would not be denied. I set down the groceries, took out my iPhone and composed this stunning panoramic. Two minutes later the color had seeped to deep grey. This soaring magnificence plays out every day around us  as it reminds me that we always only have the now – so seize your NOW in the moment. Set aside the hurry and take a moment to just look and see the beauty all around.

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