full moon rising

FullMoonSFWolf Moon rising along Highway 1 with San Francisco in the distance

According to Algonquin traditions of naming lunar cycles through the year, the first moon of the season is the Wolf Moon, inspired by wolf packs that often howled along the perimeter of villages in the deep snows of midwinter. As we drive up the winding crest of Lucas Valley Road to the Cabin, the Wolf Moon rises over the Marin Headlands as the orange glow of cloud-cover blankets the lights of San Francisco in the distance. Stars speckle the sky as Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn rise in planetary alignment for the first time in a decade. We can only see stars on the side of the road this evening, but we plan to get up before dawn tomorrow morning to try and compose the reverse of the image below: the full moon setting over the Pacific as the sun rises over Abbotts Lagoon. How I count my lucky stars that I found this gloriously geeky husband who relishes along with me the notion of rising pre-dawn and hunting the full moonset-sunrise show.

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