commuting with angels

1_sunset_5_11_16oaklandAngels in the Architecture @ Alameda Slough, Oakland – May 2016

One of my favorite lines from a song is Paul Simon’s “angels in the architecture – spinning in infinity.” I drive now on the dark sides of the day, beneath pondering skies that paint brooding colors to parenthesize each day. I leave Alameda at 5am and see the sunrise, then if I have meetings in Palo Alto (like last night) I hang back to wait for the traffic on 880 to abate for a smoother evening commute. Sometimes I get lost in the negativity of the day; meetings, traffic, work demands, schedules,…but I am in awe every day at the skyshow at each end. Flying home from Paris this weekend I read a NY Times article on the Cloud Appreciation Society written by Jon Mooallem. I sank into my 4 empty seats in sheer delight communing with “my people.” Cloud people. I relish their company each day on my commute, dazzled by the beauty above, like last night,…approaching my exit for the Posey Tube, this is the breathtaking view of the angels in my architecture of the day. “All along …there were incidents and accidents…there were hints and allegations” of a constantly beautiful day. Which reminds me. I was also playing my theme song blasting overandoverandover again, U2’s Beautiful Day. Go ahead. Click on the link. You know its true. It is a” beautiful day,…don’t let it get away!”. If you doubt it,…just look up,…4u2b skyhigh. Check this link to learn the names of clouds you see in your horizon.

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