circling back

SkyCircleStratocumulus Lacunosus Ellipse Across San Pablo Bay

School’s out and I’m officially on summer break. Last weekend crossing the Richmond Bridge I was fascinated by this particular cloud formation singularly dominating the sky. It stretched alone in one massive swirl of circular hydro-convection spanning the San Francisco Bay – probably a stratocumulus lacunosus due to its low altitude and clumping nature. This variety is the result of honeycomb patterns created by downdrafts of cool, dry air in the presence of a rising warm, moist airmass. This particular honeycomb is radial as an elliptical burst of beauty. I spent the first 3 days of this week doing the YES professional development training to learn the power and possibilities of breathing practice.  I relish being on a school calendar. I inhale the exhilaration at the beginning of summer, and exhale the excitement in August on the last days of vacation as an entirely fresh new year looms on the horizon. The whole summer looms large on my current horizon, white edged and fuzzy with the expanse of days circling my imagination. So much to savor: Mexico next week, then 2 weeks of summer school teaching Watersheds Education: From Mountaintop To Tap. Then on to 2 more weeks of free-time to set-up my studio space, followed by a week with 4 kids on the National Seashore, then off to New York for the last 2 weeks to visit family with granddaughters in tow. For now, I am suspended, dreamily, rotating in amorphous, undulating delight at the slow circle of work and play. Supremely grateful to be solidly on the play side. Breathing in my practice of pleasure and delight in the extra-ordinary all around.

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