letting go

sb6Santa Barbara Sunset

Often I get overwhelmed by details and scheduling for holiday vacations; balancing school finals, sending out holiday cards, coordinating travel dates, booking lodging, coordinating family schedules. This year I asked Greg to coordinate all of the cards and newsletter mailings for his family, coordinate travel dates with family in two cities, and to book our stay in Santa Barbara over New Years weekend. I get anxious when I start micro-managing him when he doesn’t do things in my the timetable. This year I just let go and was willing to be lead by his process. The results were radiant. We scheduled two days in Coalinga and met his mom and sister at Harris Ranch for an elegant dinner the first evening. His mom invited us to binge-watch the series This Is Us and we enjoyed it immensely (caution: do nothing but watch, as this series jumps around in time through 3 generations of plot). The finale was New Years in Santa Barbara at an AirBnB with a spectacular view of the Pacific just 10 minutes from the grandchildren. Letting go put the holiday enjoyment back in my life,… with benefits.

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