upside-down and backwards

spectacularsunset_1_31January Sky @ Alameda Harbor

I step off the boat at 5am onto concrete dock under a sequined set of stars strung together across the black abyss of sea and sky, draped like a necklace across a sliver moon setting. Buildings in reflection upon glassy surface, calm and quiet at high tide, are upside-down and backwards – a perfection of illusion. The lesson for our mind practice this morning is “above all else I want to see.” I look at the reflection and laugh. Is this the way I actually perceive the world? Upside-down and backwards? I laugh harder when my mind replies,…possibly, but such a lovely illusion. There is a part of me that does not want to give it up. Narcissus affected by the sight of beauty was lost to the world. I am transfixed, transformed by this beauty. Can we be forgiven if our affection is for the beauty of Nature? The sliver of moon setting into darkness before dawn. This view stays with me through my workday. When I get home I park my car in front of the Harbormaster and dash to  waterfront to catch the last blush of sunset. Clouds just pinking up for my perfect timing,…three pano-scans later and the clouds are fading to gray. That sliver of moon rising into evening as I stand at the stern, staring, once again transfixed by beauty. Dawn and dusk, reverse dances, reflections in rotation. We have these narrow windows of beauty every day, but in their abundance, they are wondrously accessible,… if we only notice. This opportunity to look at our reflection and see the beauty beyond the surface – upside-down and backwards. Is it possible that, in fact, the world above the shimmering water is the one that is upside-down and backwards?

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