then comes the rainbow

1_RainsTomBay_Rainbow.jpgRainbow In The Distance Across Elephant Mountain

On the drive up to South Beach to see the gale force winds, we pass Chicken Ranch Beach along Tomales Bay. A local favorite, it is sheltered and calm with the staunch backs of the Point Reyes Peninsula Mountains in a protective huddle from south to north. As we pass its edge as sun is setting I call to Greg to pull over. I want to see the bounced light on Elephant Mountain, the landmark on the eastern side of the bay, its cloud formations often plumped pink from the rays of the setting sun directly across the horizon. It’s been raining on and off all day. We stop at the perfect moment as a fat band of rainbow rises along the right flank of the terra folds of elephant. It is clear in the far right of the photo, the elegant curlicue of overflow from the sandbar directing the eye up and to the right in soft yellow and lavender hues of inter-rain clouds parting to light the distance of fading day. The rainbow colors up in its fat glow for a few brief minutes as we are gifted with sweet timing, always a good omen for a gale force day.

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