CaveArchBeach3Arch Formations Along Limantour Beach

I’ve gotten very good at reaching for what I want. I had to learn that. Through religious school formation – that we should never ask for more (we should be grateful for what we have) I started out dreaming pretty small. This concept that we should not ask for what we want and be grateful for whatever we have keeps our sights in perpetual blinders. A few things along the way taught me to change that thinking and widen my view. My big sister Wendy taught by example that sometimes breaking the rules broke you out of a life of limitations. She lives a half world away still traveling through that big adventure. My best friends Sue in sixth grade and then Lisa in college, taught me to be a little outrageous and seek a more perverted life – the wayward adventure-seeking kind. They remind me of that gift on a regular basis, directing me to coursework in Thoughts Become Things and SWA that make desires the foundation of a life well lived. In the midst of my biggest life shift, I read Gail Sheehy’s classic, Passages, to better understand that change could be empowering. My husband, Greg, evidenced in every beautiful spot we’ve visited his wish that “we should buy a place” here – somewhere in a beautiful surround of nature. And now we live out his dream, for real. Simply because he wanted it. He dared to wish for it, asked for it out loud, on a regular basis. The morning of this hike, I just showed up, no ticket, no reservation, just faith in getting to see the cave on the front cover of a newspaper I’d seen (and $60 cash in hand for the tour fee). I am grateful now to live from a place that walks into the adventure, knowing that the passage will provide. The entry will be found, the path discovered, and the journey,…exquisite.

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