window seat

1_AirplaneViewWindow Seat View: Sierra Nevada Mountains – March 2016

The view from above is my favorite perspective. Riding the ocean above, my favorite sport. I love flying. My dream is to have a job that pays me to fly around the world and take inspiring photographs like this. Coming home from New York in March I had my camera glued to the oval of double-paned window for most of the flight – especially exciting over grand landscapes like the Sierras in late winter. Observe at length the conjugal kiss between land and sky, undulating into infinity. I always reserve a window seat because savoring the breathtaking variety of coiling, covering, celestial clouds is sheer delight. Noting the patterns of geology and human-textured patchwork below is hypnotic in long-distance stare. There is actually a wonderful book on what can be gleaned from this perspective titled, Window Seat: Reading the Landscape from the Air by Gregory Dicum – a fascinating read, especially in flight. I confess that I also prefer to have someone else drive in a car so that I can cloud-watch and savor the landscape, roll down my window at leisure and compose as inspired. The window seat has always been my favorite perch.

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