tidal wave fog

FogStormPano2Morning Fog Tidal Wave Across the Santa Cruz Mountains – Menlo Park

The Bay Area is conveniently divided into the Peninsula and the East Bay on either side of the deep chalice of the San Francisco Bay. I work on the Peninsula and for the last 15 years lived there also. Moving to the East Bay six months ago I cringed at the necessity of rising before the sun to get on 880 by 5am to avoid the rush hour traffic and cross the obligatory bridge to get to the Peninsula for work. I love that life can continue to surprise you. I now realize how happy I am as a morning person, rising before the sun, front row seat to the sunrise most mornings, moving through the calm dark of dawn. One of my favorite weather effects here is the daily mass of fog that crests the Santa Cruz Mountains fresh off the Pacific beyond. Warm air on the Peninsula draws it slowly in,…most mornings what looks like a slow-motion tidal wave of fog greets my passage to the Peninsula. Simon Christen created a time-lapse video of this exquisite phenomenon so you can witness that I do not exaggerate the beauty and inspiration of this effect. I stopped one morning last week to compose this panoramic view of the tidal wave fog at the start of my day – the colored squares of the Facebook campus punctuate the western side of the Dumbarton Bridge as marshland of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge fills the foreground. It is a metaphor for my day – the rush of things2do on my horizon. I used to wince with the weight of so much in life. Last night I used a Kathleen Otley “spirit chaser” of willow branches & feathers for a full moon ceremony to cleanse my house and mySELF of the eroding spirits that weigh down responsibility. I recently realized that I kept a room in my psyche for the negative voices of doubt, shame, how-dare-you, demands that sour my efforts as I take on this tidal wave of responsibilities. This morning as the Hurry Demon tried to return and press me that I don’t have enough time, I informed that voice it no longer has a room in my house and evicted it! Instead I sat down to compose this entry and create a pattern that I do the important things first. Enjoy this closer, The Unseen Sea, by Simon Christen. I’m grateful that I can now see the ocean above,…and the ocean within.

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